At Bowen Bioscience, we strive to provide exceptional contract services at competitive prices to meet the ever changing demands in the market.
Bowen Bioscience provides contract services for food, nutraceutical, and biopharmaceutical industries. We specialize in identifying and quantifying minute constituents in food samples. Our food safety tests include food allergens, food contaminants, and drug residuals. We also specialize in detecting trace elements in biological samples. Using functional bioassays, we provide bioactivity guided chemical characterization, which greatly expedites the product discovery process, finding the target compound in an efficient and accurate manner. Our capacities span the areas of cell biology, molecular biology, bacteriology, immunology, and immunohistochemistry.
Bowen Bioscience provides cell culture assays including variety of cell linkages. These include but not limited B cell, T cell, NK cells, Macrophages, neurons, multi-pleutic stem cells, and multi-layer skin cells. Using functional assays specific to the cell types, we also provide analysis and biological assays evaluating efficacies of pharmaceuticals at cellular level.
Bowen Bioscience offers small animal studies to support our clients in the research and development of their products. Our scientific, program management, and regulatory expertise assists our clients to design the most appropriate, cost-effective, and timely studies needed for their marketing and regulatory purposes. All animal-use protocols are to be pre-approved by the IACUC committee and conducted with AAALAC approved animal facility. Bowen Bioscience is partnered with CFDA accredited agencies in Shanghai, and also provides full preclinical packages to support the drug development process for the biopharmaceutical industry.
Tumor cells can hijack the checkpoint pathways to avoid attacks from the immune system, thus studying the immune checkpoint protein can provide important insights in cancer development and therapies. Immune checkpoint pathways involve both costimulatory and inhibitory proteins. The costimulatory receptors transduce signals to promote immunity against pathogens. The inhibitory receptors negatively regulate cell activation to prevent excessive inflammation. Bowen Bioscience provides a collection of human immune checkpoint proteins to assist in the research and development of checkpoint proteins. For information of more proteins, please check the company directly.
In recent years, immune checkpoint agonist or antagonist antibodies have raised great attention in combating cancer and several check point antibodies have gain FDA or CFDA approval as monotherapy or combination cancer therapies. Encouraged by the success, researchers have expanded their investigations into other checkpoint proteins in order to find better ways to treat cancer. Bowen Bioscience is focused in making monoclonal antibodies from mouse, rabbit, and camel; optimize and humanize against oncogenes for co-development and licensing opportunities. Please contact the company to inquire about the specific targets of the antibodies being developed or in the pipeline.
Endotoxin test is the most critical quality control test required by the FDA for all drugs in their final stages of formulation. Endotoxins are invariably associated with every gram-negative bacteria, so they cause severe reactions in humans and animals and retain high toxic activity even present at low concentration. In addition, endotoxins are suspected to play an important role in the occurrence and development of many different diseases. Bowen strongly recommends innovative detection technique to detect endotoxin. BioEndo® Endotoxin Assay Kits can be well used in in vitro end-product endotoxin test for human and animal parenteral drugs, biological products, and medical devices, all products are ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified.
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